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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Topic - She’s Beautiful but She Sucks in Bed

 Dear Love Doctor
I have a puzzle for you to solve. I was married for 11 years and once the divorce was final, I took my time getting back into the dating game and finally decided to date this woman exclusively. I’m a about 8 years older than her she’s 27 and she is very smart but lacks the maturity of a woman my age. I thought that with time I could learn how to communicate with her and at this time I’m fairly content with where we are as far as talking through things go. Now this is a beautiful girl and her body is out of control but she sucks in bed. She’s stiff and hardly moves and the noises she makes are fake and even though she says she climaxed I know she didn’t. I don’t believe she’s ever had a orgasm. No matter how romantic I try to make our experience it’s the same thing time and time again. I haven’t touched her in a few weeks and to be honest I’ve lost interest. Is that like a jerk thing to do?


Anonymous said...

I say no, because sex is an imortant part of a relationship. if your not doing something right to make her have an origasim she needs to tell you and as far as you loosing interest, that sounds like something that is created in the bed room so you guess need to have a long long talk to see what yu can do to spice up the romance.

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