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Monday, January 17, 2011

Stripper Tries To Sue NFL Player Albert Haynesworth For $10 Million Because He Dumped Her

Washington Redskin's player Albert Haynesworth is breathing a sign of relief as a stripper, whom he possibly impregnated, will not be allowed to sue him for $10 million for leaving her. Deets inside...

A NY state Supreme Court judge told Silvia Mena she could not sue her former "boyfriend" for emotional distress after he dumped her. Silvia, who is now the mother of 2-month old baby Ella, was trying to sue Albert for $10 million for abandoning their romance. But a judge ruled that this case does not belong in NY because their "romance" happened in Miami and in Tennessee, where he lives.

Albert's lawyer, Brett Kimmel, said her case was "silly." "You can't sue someone for $10 million because he didn't want to be your boyfriend," Brett said.

Meanwhile, Silvia is not giving up. Her lawyer, Sal Strazzullo, said,

"The case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds because he has no ties to New York. We will either seek federal jurisdiction or sue him in Tennessee. There is a separate paternity case filed with the Family Court in New York because the baby is here. Albert has been served with notice that he has to take a paternity test."


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