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Friday, January 7, 2011

Relationship Article-I want him to make the 1st Move

Dear Blog

I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month and a half now and I can tell he’s attracted to me but he’s waiting for me to make the first move. I’m not trying to bed him right now but some affection would be nice. I’ll admit I’m not the easiest person to read and I don’t think I’m really giving off the “kiss me, hug me” vibes but how do I invite this kind of interaction? How do I do this when I’m used to men taking the lead?”
Be Open - Remember, regardless of what you say, body language speaks for 80 percent of what comes out of your mouth! So, when you’re engaged in conversation, be open! Meaning, don’t cross your arms or turn your front body away from him – it closes you off! Lean in toward him and give him good, sturdy eye contact. This says you’re paying attention, you’re comfortable and willing to receive his advances.
Never Forget the Power of Touch – people just don’t touch each other enough. Sometimes a gentle brush on his back or a grazing of his neck, ears and the back of his head will be all you need to do to get him to make his move! Since it is still fresh, try and avoid his face … this is where everything sensory lies. Even though his eyeball may fall victim to a loose eyelash, ask permission to remove it! Some people don’t like their faces touched without warning, so ask. And remember to be gentle, you want him to want more so don’t make it reminiscent of his mom’s picking and prodding throughout his childhood!
Create the Environment - setting the mood for affection is key in firing up your romance! The next time you invite him over, dim the lights and light some candles. Greet him with a tight hug when he enters and help him out of his jacket. Present a platter of fruits and cheeses and wine for munching. Make the environment cozy enough so that it won’t be so awkward when you sit closer to him and hug up on him. Set the mood for some sexiness!
Make it a Movie Night - there’s nothing more simple than a movie night. Give him a call and suggest that you take a trip to Blockbuster. You pick a movie and have him pick one! From this point on, all you need is popcorn, a couch, a warm blanket and two sets of warm arms … share them! That’s what they’re there for!
Cook for Him - okay dear, we’ll assume that you’re a master chef! Next time you make plans with him, ask him what he has a taste for or have him text / e-mail to you. Have him over and ask him to help you prepare it – let him sample it hot from the pot or feed him a small mouthful. “Mmmmm, you like that don’t you, shugah?” Have some soft music playing and playfully dance with him around the kitchen.
Communicate - listen, Ma! Here’s the deal, there’s nothing wrong with opening your mouth and expressing what you want! You have nothing to lose and all you want to gain! What’ so wrong with saying, “I want to kiss you.” Or, “can I get a hug?” Or, open up the dialogue and say, “hey, I know I’m not the easiest person to read but I want you to know that I’m attracted to you and I’ve been wanting to kiss you.” Or the next time you hook up, ask him simply “do you mind if I sit closer to you” and chances are he’ll say, “no, not at all. Please come closer!” And the rest is history!


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