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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dead Wrong- Light Skin VS. Dark Skin Party Sparks Outrage

Get ready for just received a flyer saying there's a party.  And the theme is Light Skin VS. Dark Skin. Do you attend?  While you think about it, get the deets on a real life party full of color lines...

Go on down to Columbus, Ohio where you can join "#teamlightskin” or “#teamdarkskin.” By the way...these are actual Twitter hashtags.
Some promoters got together to create a party based on the color of your skin to go down on of all days...Martin Luther King weekend.  So how has the reaction been?  Mixed.
One follower said, “This might be the most popular failed event ever.”
Another Twitter user, PoeticSongBird wrote, “The media is telling us White is beautiful but no, we have to add our own spin on it and degrade ourselves.”
So...I'm thinking they may atually have a good turnout. Knowing how the masses can be sometimes. Would you attend this foolishness?


Anonymous said...

the title alone spelled drama...

Anonymous said...

Thats dumb. Can I bring my white girl friend

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