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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dondria - Speaks Jay z & Beyonce Daughter Blue Ivy , Crush on singer Tank , Duets 3 Mixtape/Forever Young Boutique Launch --->



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Firework Djs: DJ Spaz ''The Energizer'' Releases Spaz R&b Hits Vol. 7 /


One Of the Major DJs (Firework Djs) Out Of  Newark ''Brick City''New Jersey Just  Released a 21 track banger  Spaz R&b Hits Vol. 7.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lance Elam - Skin (Music Video) Directed By TheChristJames


Artist: Lance Elam
Track: Skin
Label: Follow The Pak Ent
Director: Christ James
DP: Christ James
Grip: Fabian Sobers
Editor: Christ James
Prod Co: Firework
Trt: 3:36
Date 12.25.11

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FaceBooK Fanpage : LanceElam

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birdman Plans to Sign 2 More Acts to YMCMB -


2012 may have loads of new music stored from the YMCMB family, but could it also bring new artists to the table? Birdman says he's got his eyes locked on two acts in particular.
While Birdman wouldn't admit who might be coming on board, he did mention who was not joining the Young Money camp. Birdman has denied that Lil B and former G-Unit artist Young Buck were joining the YMCB family.

"Both of them is two of the little homies I have the utmost respect for," Birdman said. "I don't know Lil B's situation. I don't know Buck's situation. I'm friends to both of them. If the opportunity ever came, I would love to work with both of them. I know Buck is in a situation.

I really don't know Lil B's situation, he's real cool with my son Wayne. I got love and respect for both of them, but they never came across the menu yet. I spoke with Buck a few times, he's been a friend of the family. B is a friend of the family. But It ain't came to none of that. Not to this point

When asked if the artists he's looking for are established vets or up-and-coming artists, Birdman replied "both."

"We like to be new, young," he said. "My son [Wayne] does the newer acts [on Young Money]. On our side [Cash Money] it be more veteran."
Who do you think Birdman could be signing next?

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Brandy & Monica Kick It In Miami Together--Readying A Collabo?

Brandy & Monica have been friends for 14 years...and they snapped a few pics down in Miami tonight for their fans. Check them inside, plus Nick Cannon's first pic post-surgery...

Brandy headed down to Miami today to work on her album, and she also ended up hanging with her girl Monica, who is there working on her own upcoming album New Life, releasing February 21st. They tweeted each other:

@MonicaBrown: We have Both Been Blessed Beyond Measure.14years later Love @4everBrandy” I love you so much Mo❤thank u!

Awww. Brandy said she was headed to the MIA to work with Rico Love and finish up her next project. So were she and Monica in the studio together cooking up another collabo? Hmmmm....


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Ep. 7 Unseen Bonus Clips: The Fight Review ---


2 Chainz & Jazze Pha In The Lab --->


Lloyd On Jimmy Kimmel Live!-


Meek Mill New Year’s At LIV; Meets Nas


Rick Ross Rich Forever Tracklisting ( New Mixtape)


Here is the Track List for Ricky Rozay New Mictape

Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown ACCUSED By Baby Mama Of Holding 4-Year-Old Son HOSTAGE!


The baby mama of Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown has filed court docs claiming the baller took their son without permission and now he won't give him back to her! Deets inside.....
According to Shameika Brailsford, NFLer Antonio Brown ran off with their four-year-old son Antonio Jr.  months ago and won't even let her speak to him!
Shameika recently filed docs in Miami claiming Antonio may not be properfly caring for their son in Pennsylvania and she's asking the court for an emergency child pick-up order.  The order would require the cops to bring the child back to her in Florida.
But Antonio's lawyer Jason Marks says Shameika is lying.  TMZ spoke to Mr. Marks who said:
"None of that is true. The mother consented to the child living with Mr. Brown back in February.  The mother obviously knew where the child was the entire time and, in fact, Mr. Brown recently arranged for the mother to visit with the child in Pittsburgh. This is nothing more than a classic attempt to shake down a professional athlete for money."

Yikes-Man STABBED Because He Didn't Know Beyonce And Jay-Z Were Married!


Brace yourselves, an argument about Beyonce and Jay-Z got so heated between two men that one of them was stabbed!  Deets inside....
You might want to be up on your Beyonce trivia when speaking to Ronald Deaver, 31, of Cleveland.  Cops say Ronald got into a fight with a man at his Garfield Heights apartment after the dude didn't know that singer Beyonce's husband is rapper Jay-Z.  So what did Ronald do?  He stabbed him!
It happened on New Year's Eve and Det. Marty Compton of the Parma Police Department told the news that the victim is at MetroHealth Medical Center where he is in good condition. Ronald, however, was arrested for his actions.  SMH......
I mean, we love Beyonce and all her wigtastic glory too.  But damn.  The foolywangness that ensues these days

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rumors: Vanessa and Angela Simmons BROKE?!


Well, well, well, it looks like the goodie-two-shoes daughters of rap legend Rev Run from Run DMC are having a little trouble paying their taxes. And by a little trouble, we mean, these chicks owe almost half a million dollars in back taxes! (Do they even have that much money?)

This is all according to the Detroit News, which says that several liens were filed against the Pastry owners. Check out the laundry list of liens filed against them below:

* The IRS filed a $26,658 tax lien against Angela Simmons on Dec. 22 with the New York City Register.

* The IRS filed a $22,528 tax lien against Vanessa Simmons on Dec. 22 in New York.

* The IRS filed a $157,787 tax lien against Vanessa Simmons on Nov. 10 in New York.

* The IRS filed a $27,248 tax lien against Angela Simmons on May 20 in New York.

* The IRS filed a $132,466 tax lien against Angela Simmons on April 1 in New York.

* The state of California filed a $44,253 tax lien against Vanessa Simmons on March 23 in Sacramento County Court.

* The state of California filed a $39,538 tax lien against Angela Simmons on March 23 in Sacramento.


Hip-Hop Rumor: Kim Kardashian Broke Up Kanye and Amber?


Amber Rose is finally opening up about why her relationship with Kanye West met its demise. The official “come-up” queen sat down with Star magazine and claims that the real reason she and Kanye broke up was all because of Ray J’s former bang buddy, Kim Kardashian.

Here’s what Amber had to say about the the former porn star-turned-reality star’s homewrecking ways.

“Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye aren’t together … She’s a homewrecker.”

The two first hooked up while Kim was dating Reggie Bush and Amber was with Kanye, 34.“They were BOTH cheating,” Amber reveals. “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.”

And Kim, Amber says, instigated the whole affair by calling, texting, and sending racy photos of herself to Kanye. But even when Amber uncovered the emails and confronted Kim, 31, she just wouldn’t give up trying to steal Amber’s man.

“She was sending pictures, and I was like, ‘Kim just stop. Don’t be that person,’” Amber says, “I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me. She never responded.”


Will YOU Rock LaLa Anthony's New Makeup Line?


Painting on the makeup to hit all the never ending red carpets looks to have paid off for LaLa Anthony.  She just created her own cosmetics line through Motives, a makeup company owned by her (and Kim K.'s) good friend Loren Ridinger of Market America.  Beauty lines seem to be the thing to do these days.

Deets inside...
We usually love her dramatic makeup looks.  And now that LaLa will be creating and selling her own beauty products online, you can recreate the looks for yourselves.  Especially since she will be focusing on foundations and colors for "ethnic skin tones."

The VH1 "Full Court Life" star (the show returns in March) recently tweeted a pic of her range of cosmetics (above) and hinted that it was coming in 2012.  Now, The Insider has revealed a few details about it:
We're told La La will have makeup available for all skin types, but her line will have a major focus on foundations to match all ethnic skin tones from light to dark. La La's emphasis on the special foundation types were made because of the lack of availability for women of color in many beauty lines.
In addition to foundation, there will also be a lip gloss line that will have around 10 different shades as well as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and shimmer.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where does the celebs get their accessories and Sexy Earrings from ?---> Closet

The place where celebs get their  accessories 
 Being that nobody knew where to get the exclusive accessories , The people who created the big buzz has launched their site .  Now you to can be exclusive !

Monday, January 2, 2012

DJ Spinderella Goes In On Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne & Kanye West?


50 Cent Secures Deal With Pepsi for Street King Energy Drink


"Love & Hip Hop" Star Kimbella CLAIMS Erica Mena Is A Former STRIPPER & Gave ORAL SEX For $200 Bucks!


 www.TheYbf .com

"Love & Hip Hop" star Kimbella is speaking out against the hair-pulling chick Erica Mena.  She made shocking allegations that Erica is just a fame-hungry former stripper from the Valley. In fact, Kimbella claims Erica was stripping and sexing folks for money before she landed on VH1! And she says Erica INDEED called the cops.

Our exclusive interview inside......
Kimbella Vanderhee, the controversial chick at the center of ALL the drama on "Love & Hip Hop," is telling her side of the story to  Kimbella gave her thoughts on her fights with Chrissy and Erica Mena, and revealed some shocking details about Erica's--like alleged stripping and sexing for money, doing "Love & Hip Hop" for free, and more.  Here's our chat....
YBF: Erica Mena has been popping off about your big fight this week. She seemed to start going in on you as soon as you opened you mouth and it was your first REAL time meeting?! She says a lot ended up on the cutting floor and the show was shaped to make her look like the bad guy. Do you agree? What's your side of the story?
Kimbella: I don’t agree. She is bi-polar. In fact, she is a crack whore and you will get to see it in the rest of the episodes brought to you by VH1! She is obviously embarrassed by her actions because she really got to see who “she” really is. She doesn’t know how to conduct herself as a lady and it showed. I basically I was attacked. I tried to stay classy but she tried my patience and crossed the line. It’s crazy to hear her blaming VH1 and not herself.Even the producers were dumbfounded when all this happened.
Did you know Erica before this?
No! What’s wrong with these women? What did I do to Chrissy or Erica for them to do this to me?
I don’t know her….and I haven’t heard anything great about her. The one thing I can tell you is that folks in the industry are saying before “Love & Hip Hop,” she was found stripping in the Valley and giving blow jobs for $200. So that is the career that me and VH1 are ruining?
So for the record--WHO WON THE FIGHT?
I’m not about that. We shouldn’t be fighting because we are both grown women. I’m not going to condone fighting.

Erica said she didn't call the cops. is this true? Were any police reports filed?

There is a police report filed. She did call the cops…and she was going to press charges (she didn’t). She called the cops because her face was cut. But wait, isn’t she from the Bronx but she's calling the po po!
There was a rumor that you and Erica were both--at the same time--sleeping with Emily B.'s baby's daddy, rapper Fabolous, back in the day.  And that's supposedly why Erica has beef with you.  She's denied it.  Can you confirm or deny?
I have no idea what anybody is talking about.  I dated Fab three years ago…if she dated him three years ago....that's fine. 

Some people think she's just purposely causing drama to get a permanent slot on the show and make a name for herself. Do you agree?
Yes. And she wants to talk about me doing stuff for free? She’s not a cast member, so she’s not even getting paid to be on the shows!
Obviously, you're having a rough time getting along with the girls.  You had a fight on your very first episode of this season with Chrissy. Why is that?  And do you plan to do another season with these ladies?
I don’t know how to answer that. We had a lot of positive things go on but the producers chose to focus on the drama. I wish they would make it more even…a little bit of positive and a little drama. Why do they focus on the negativity?
They show one aspect of my life, which is the drama I go through with females that I don’t know. It’s always a problem!
You recently tweeted about pitching a LAHH spinoff to creator Mona Scott Young. What would the spinoff entail?
I can’t comment about that, but I’m always trying to venture out and do bigger thing

Puerto Rican VACAY! Mike Vick & Fiancee' Kijafa Go Fishing...