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Friday, January 7, 2011

Did Beyonce change hair color because of Rihanna ?

Check hair Change Inside

what do you think ?


Leontyne said...

Idk y shhe did that smh cuz now shhe will look lik a follow me

Rashaun said...

It looks photo shoped to me and if it wasn't I would be to quick to say she copied rihanna seeing as they do travel in a similar circle who's to say that picture wasn't taken a couple of years ago but they choose not to go with the red look for her and used it to reinvent rihanna instead

GlamourGirlz Ents said...

Oh heck naw! That is clearly photo shop. We all know that Bey's signature color is blonde and I don't believe no way in hell she did that. If she did it was for a photo shoot but I doubt it

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