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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nas Is $6 Mill In Tax Debt?!

According to Yo Raps

According to Yo Raps, Nas' troubles really started back in '09 in his home area of New York:
The trouble started in October of 2009 in New York. The IRS filed a $2,584,236 lien against the Illmatic rapper behind owed taxes, listing the address of his Eagles Landing property in Georgia, and then followed it up a few months later in February of 2010 with a second lien for $3,365,671. Then earlier this month, the government agency filed a lien with the New York City Register of Deeds for $514,298, bringing his grand total to just over $6.46 million.
Even the condo association of his Queens condo filed against him last year behind $3,860 worth of fees that he has yet to pay including a $420 monthly assessment, which according to them; he hasn’t paid since January 2010.
Damn homie.  I know he'd trade those $50K/month payments he now doesn't have to pay Kelis over THIS ish any day....
A recap of his debts:
The IRS filed a $514,298 lien Jan. 10 with the New York City Register of Deeds.
The IRS filed a $3,365,671lien Feb. 3, 2010, in New York.
The IRS filed a $2,584,236 lien Oct. 16, 2009, in New York.


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