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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plain out Nasty -German Man Has 7 Children With His Step Daughter!!

Plain out Nasty

BERLIN (Reuters) – A 48-year-old German will appear in court next week accused of sexually abusing his step-daughter for more than two decades and fathering at least seven children by her, a court spokesman said on Thursday.
The man, identified as Detlef S. from the village of Fluterschen in western Germany, is also accused of abusing his own daughter and a step-son, and forcing both daughters into prostitution.
The spokesman said DNA tests suggested the man is the father of at least seven children by his step-daughter. Another child, whom he may have fathered, is believed to have died.
Detlef S. has been held by police since August and will appear in court in the city of Koblenz on February 15. He is believed to have committed the abuse between 1987 and 2010.


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