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Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter - My Boyfriend Wants to Give Me a ‘Facial’

I read your relationships posts all the time and I have a situation that I’d like to not only share but see if anyone has ever had this come up on their love life. My boyfriend and I are really close and we’ve grown to be great friends and lovers. Lately he’s been making jokes about “giving me a facial” and I didn’t think he was talking about ejaculating on my face but when I realized it I laughed it off but lately when we’ve been in the moment he asks me if he can give me a facial. I’m starting to get offended but, at the same time I want to do it. Please ask your readers to respond to this!!! I would like to know what they say. Thank you for your time!!

When you bust on a girl’s face, I feel, all a man is really doing is smutting the girl out. It’s disrespectful, I wouldn’t do it. That means I have to stand up over you and literally do what I do on your face and I’m supposed to look at you the same after that? No way! It’s too much to get over. Might as well get urinate on her face, you know? It’s not for everybody and it’s damn sure not for me and my lady. But to each his own. Good, regular sex just isn’t enough for some people these days, I guess. - Olu, 32
If you sit on his face and get it in, he should be able to do the same! What’s the difference? I really want to know. If you’re at a point in your relationship where you can trust each other to that magnitude, then anything goes. But as long as the two of you can trust each other, I don’t see what the problem is. But for a man to feel comfortable enough to ask a woman to do that, then she’s on some freak sh*t. That’s real talk. - Reina, 28
I mean me and my wife get nasty with it but everybody has their boundaries. I love making love to my wife and there are some things I know she’s not going to do. Even though I know she would do anything that I ask of her in that way, I respect her and our marriage enough not to even go there. I don’t even want to. So, I guess what it boils down to for me, is that there are certain boundaries that I won’t cross with my wife. Everybody has their boundaries, so respect them. – Sean, 34
I’m not one for being violated in that way. I can’t really rock with idea of my man just ejaculating on my face! That’s not okay and it looks gross. I don’t understand what’s so cute about that! Why would a man want to do that to his wife? Before I had kids, I didn’t think too much of it and now that I have a daughter, umm! How about, no! Some things are just unnecessary and excessive … perverted in nature. In fact, my husband has never approached with it so I’m good! I just don’t like the idea. – Margaret, 30


Tyler said...

I don't necessarily think it is degrading. I have this fantasy too and it probably does have some dominance submissive elements but that doesn't have to be degrading or reflect what the relationship looks like outside the bedroom(or couch or wherever lol). Like anything sexual it could be degrading, it depends on the context. This sounds like a strong trusting relationship. I am inclined to say close your eyes and take it like a woman lol, if you don't like it you can not do it again, but that is your decision. And I have actually gotten sort of a facial from a woman while giving her oral, it was shocking and a little uncomfortable but really hot looking back on it.

Anonymous said...

Okay. This has absolutely nothing to do with dominance for many guys. Some guys DO like it for whatever twisted degradation might be attached to it for them. Unfortunately, this ruins it for the rest of us. A woman's face is her most pure and sacred feature (ancient greeks and persians knew well). A guy cumming is his most personal and erotic act. The contrast of the two together is insanely hot for many guys and nothing more. Nothing Freudian. Some guys want to call their lovers 'whores' and be semi-violent with words and sometimes actions. This is the crossing the line IMO and facials are too often associated with that kind of thing.

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