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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Spotlight - How to Save A Life- By Lina Banks & Rahfeal Gordon got wind of this book and it's a official ( Co-Sign) ,Read more about the author independent woman Lina  Banks .

      Earlina "Lina" Banks, is an Essex County, New Jersey native, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her two beautiful daughters. Before heading out to establish new grounds in Atlanta, Lina was a devoted member of Usual Suspectz, a promotion team that hosted social events for college students within various areas of New Jersey. Lina has been writing since she could remember, and writing has always been what she calls her form of therapy. She now uses her pen to be a self-proclaimed "blessing pusher" and "motivator". Lina is a dedicated writer who focuses on documenting emotions in a way that will inspire and uplift her readers’ spirits through poetry and short stories. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her children or posing as a model for notable contemporary photographers and artists in Atlanta.
Lina Banks began writing her first literary work, How to Save a Life, in 2009 while her life was undergoing various turns and changes. Her goal was to produce a book that was not about her personal trials, yet it creatively embodies a hint of herself in each piece. How to Save a Life touches on areas of successfully parenting, significance of prayer, understanding and knowing your self-worth, goal setting, prioritizing, and above all keeping your head up through it all. Lina Banks hopes that through her book, future writing, presentations, and workshops, she will help people trust and develop their true self. Her audience is for everyone, but especially the youth since they are the future. Her focus is to encourage others to continue to be who the desire, know their worth, courageously take risks, and most importantly be motivated to do their absolute BEST in anything they pursue!
“It may take time to find your calling but when you find it, start it, perfect it, and motivate others”- Lina Banks

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How To Save A Life

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Anonymous said...

I will have to check this out

Anonymous said...

Lina has always been a creative genius, i absolutely Love the book!!!

@TheRealMsBanks said...

Thanks Aaron.

@Anonymous: Yes do check it out. Truely inspirational

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