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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who Cheats More - Men or Women?

By Fraser Wheaton Platinum Quality Author

Men and woman generally cheat for different reasons. To say who cheats more would be more of a guess, even though there are basic statistics out there suggesting that men cheat more than woman, this does not mean that it is fact. In-fact, today, cheating women is just as common as cheating men.
One of the biggest reasons why men generally cheat on their spouse relates to sex. Quite commonly there is a sex problem within the relationship or the man just wants more or new sex. Whereas a woman generally cheats as a last resort when all her complaints are left unheard, as a last resort a woman may cheat, but it will generally be for emotional reasons rather than for sexual reasons.
If a man continues to show no respect for the woman, continues to ignore her, and gives her no emotional support, some woman may look elsewhere to have their emotional and physical needs fulfilled. A man, however, is generally a more simple being.
That's not to say some men aren't deep and emotional, however, generally speaking, a man will cheat when he feels his need for sex is not being fulfilled, or, he has spoken to his partner about this and has got not no respectful response. Sorry ladies, but it is often just that simple.
Many of the reasons cheating woman become unfaithful are reasons that could be easily rectified by a husband who is willing to make the effort and put in some extra work within the relationship.
For this reason, we believe that the majority of the affairs of women cheating on men are preventable.
Cheating men may also be preventable by through greater communication in every aspect of the relationship. Some kind of mutual agreement that benefits both in the relationship is always the best bet.
To be honest, cheating is for kids who haven't grown up. We recently read a an interesting report that stated, men and woman who are more likely to cheat are those who have been spoiled rotten since kids, have never had to cope with any major stress as partners have always bailed them out, have never dealt with any hard times, have always had everything done for them, and people who like to have their own way.
In other words, grown ups with self respect, self worth, and respect for their partners will generally do whatever they can to make the relationship work. If someone is willing to break your sacred trust, is he really worth keeping? Is that who you want to spend the rest of your life with?
We believe that if you choose to have a relationship with someone, then you should both love each other before you make the commitment. A relationship is about trust, loyalty, commitment and a lifelong quest of fulfilling each others needs. When you love someone, you live not only with them, but for them.
Their happiness is yours, and their misery is yours, you take the good with the bad, gradually trying to improve the good, whilst overcoming thrown obstacles along the way. With the support and love from each other, there is nothing you both cannot accomplish as a team.


Anonymous said...

I think women cheat more .

jenny said...

The first guy stop being so stupid . how can we prove this

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