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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ralph Lauren "POLO NOIR" The Black Polo (Short Film)

I had a chance to catch up with Jose Chu , @ The Private Film Screening of Polo Noir , Which he also Directed , ''Shot and produced by Fenomanal Studios''. The Loft life. Click Link to see Short Film


"The Black Polo"
With the rich alluring summer colors of Ralph Laruen Polo accompanied by the Genius, Chic fashion of Fashenelle and Evelyn Lambert ,José Chu directs and stars in this international and diverse depiction of Ralph Laurne's Polo.
Shot and produced by Fenomanal Studios, this Short Film a Boys vs. Girls picnic and polo match is becoming youtube's biggest phenomenon!


Anonymous said...


The Fabian said...

Dope film,great people

Ashley Yvonne said...

YOUNG AND SEXY! Photos are beautiful! I am looing silly as always fritzing with the projector :)

Anonymous said...

This film is saying where the new "diversity" is, it is about the lifestyle and the variety of "choice" It is gr8 2 C us choosing a life instead of letting situations dictate ur life!! How cool is this film, the models, the photography, the clothes, the match, the atmosphere and the attitude directed by the music!!!

Jason said...

Great concept people of all colors , in a polo film

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