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Friday, April 8, 2011

Ladies you make the choice to deal with a GOOD MAN or BAD MAN -Video

I always tell my lady friends the same thing this Black Man said in this clip .  '' You can't blame all men for being a bad decision maker.''  He also said what I said on my status months ago that women should date their male best friend because you all have the most in common .  '' Some women say to a good man your like my brother or best friend'' .That man should be your Boy friend  /husband if you all both are single .  Just think of if your tire was flat 4 am in the morning who will come to your rescue , -- It sure won't be Celeb /Nba / NFL player   ----- Unless that's your best  lol :)

Please view this clip from diary of a tired black man as he explains what some women do.


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