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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long Stroke Reaching A Settlement With The Boys He Didn’t Take Advantage Of .

 According to

Panos characterized the settlement as within “field goal range.”
Panos met with reporters late Friday afternoon to squelch any false information, he said. He confirmed that marathon mediation sessions have been taking place, some lasting from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next morning. He said the sessions, which have been ongoing since early February, have taken place at several locations, including the DeKalb County courthouse.
The mediator in the case is Gino Brogden, a former Fulton County Superior Court judge, according to Panos.
At one point, the negotiations reached a stalemate. It was then that Panos intervened and called a meeting to encourage the parties to push through their differences.
When asked if the timing of the settlement held any significance this Holy Week, Panos said resolution and redemption have come into play this week.
“All these people are Christian people and they need to resolve this,” he said.
In later negotiations, “it’s been benevolently intense,” Panos said, likening the talks to a tennis match, “with a lot of back and forth.” At times the parties have been frustrated, even within their own groups.
He said the settlement is not done yet, but close. “A few fine details still need to be worked out,” he said. note
Do you think one of his accusers will do a reality show?


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Christians??? smh. its all about the money

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