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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Relationship Letter - He’s From ‘The Hood’ I’m From The Suburbs

I have a situation. I feel like’s I’m too grown and sexy to be dealing with some of this stuff I got going on. To keep it brief I’ve been divorce for four years and met a man that I’m digging 5 months ago. I just made 33 in March and he’s a little younger than me but he’s a very smart, driven man. I was immediately drawn to his smile…..his dimples…..and his body. He works for UPS and has for quite some time and he’s been able to buy a house and maintain his job even in these hard times. We hit it off immediately and aside from him being attractive he’s funny, makes me laugh and treats me better than any other man I’ve dated. I had a job in North Carolina that transferred me to Miami and I’ve been living here for about 2 years and the men here are very pretty and hollywood so dating here has been a wash. The guy I’m seeing is from here and hasn’t been any further North than Atlanta and hasn’t really been outside of his comfort zone. I started taking him to parties and suggesting different restaurant on different sides of town and he is embarrassing. He always has this look on his face like he doesn’t belong in the establishment and doesn’t make eye contact with the staffers and what not. It’s really obvious he’s uncomfortable in environments that he feels are “bourgeois” but I go to “the hood” with him all the time and don’t even blink about it. I’m starting to think that our differences are too great and I’m not sure I can get past his behavior in public with him not stuffing his mouth and stabbing the plate like the food is running away….the restaurant etiquette is a major problem. I just want to know if I should work with him or move on?


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