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Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Beyond Lance Elam’s “Skin” ( Press Release)

Going Beyond Lance Elam’s “Skin”

Miami, Fla.- June 13, 2011- Lance Elam has debuted on the R&B music scene with his first single “Skin” released by PAK Entertainment,  Florida’s fast rising R&B and Hip-Hop label. The South Carolina singer, currently residing in its capital city, Columbia, infuses his polished talents and supple vocal style to give a unique yet tasteful flow to his music. His hometown in South Carolina provided majority of the necessary talents essential for Elam to showcase his pristine vocals and ramped imagination on his single, “Skin”.

Elam also known as L.E., highlights his talents as a singer-songwriter in majority of the tracks on his upcoming album “Limited Edition” set to release later this year. The first single, “Skin”, captures the story of an intimate encounter between L.E. and a close friend. L.E.’s only wish in the song is to feel her “skin”, because he believes a simple touch can be more passionate than any other contact between two eager souls.

The upcoming album “Limited Edition” is full of R&B ballads featuring talented artists such as Trigonometry and Snake the Great.

Pulling inspiration from some of his favorite influential musicians such as New Edition, Another Bad Creation, Boys to Men, R. Kelly, and Babyface, Elam’s style is a well-balanced mixture of soulful rhythm and blues laced with nice mellow beats. His captivating voice brings a refreshing vibe to the music scene, combining his vocal experiences in gospel and soul music provides Elam with an edge over other emerging talents.

“Skin” is currently available on iTunes and CD Baby. For more information on Lance Elam and his musical projects please add him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @LanceElam. For booking information please contact Kenneth “Gita” Taylor, PAK Entertainment,


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