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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter to the Ladies By Rai

Dear Ladies,

Let me start by saying I address you as a Lady so hopefully you act as such. Now, STOP TEARING THESE MEN DOWN. They truly need our support even though they may not seem like they do. Don't crush their pride or bruise their egos. One single word or tone or facial expression can send a man into a hole so deep you'd have better luck finding osama. A man’s ego is vulnerable, especially to a woman he finds value in, such that he could be crushed, even by accident. Be a good listener! Take interest in what he
has to say to you and try to give your 100% attention to him when he talks. Let him know he is smart and that you value what he has to say. Do not pounce on him every time he makes a mistake. Although he may act as Superman, we know he's only human. Love him and care. That's what he needs. Uplift him.



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