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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Starter Marketers - Fast way to make money online

Beginner marketers need to understand certain fundamental concepts to succeed online.Internet marketing has many techniques and strategies in it. Learn the basics first instead of trying to jump ahead to the advanced techniques. There is free marketing and paid marketing. Start with free methods first and earn while you learn. Be consistent in your marketing efforts, don’t give up just because you don’t see instant results.Decide first on what marketing to work on. For example the first day write an article. Then the second day turn that article into a video. This is called recycling your content. Many people have over analysis paralysis. To learn how to make money online you must apply what you learn. They think that they have to learn everything about a topic first. Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice. Many beginner marketers try to make excuses for not getting started. This is one of the many obstaces that stand in their way. Think about a child learns to walk, when it falls does it stop trying? no. Never give up.The basics of marketing are content. Have you heard that content is king? Well it is true. The one who controls the content then is higher than the king. Content is only a piece of the marketing puzzle.Here is a list of some of the basics of internet marketing:1. Online Classifieds2. Traffic Exchanges3. Discussion Forums4. Blogs5. safelists6. Online Classified Advertising7. Newspaper and Magazine Articles8. Email Marketing9. Forum Posting10. Ezines11. Social Media Advanced Marketing-12. Video marketing 13. Guerrilla Marketing14. Pay-per-click15. SEO search engine optimization

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