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Monday, June 4, 2012

DJ BombShell Delivers ''The Boogie Down Vol 1'' Hosted by Plies

DJ BombShell The Next Biggest Female DJ Releases party mixtape ''The Boogie Down Vol 1'' Co-Signed by Plies.

DJ BombShell has debuted on the music scene with her first mixtape “The Boogie Down Vol. 1”. The mixtape is hosted by Hip Hop star Plies and released by I95 Djs, Florida’s fast rising DJ Team. The Florida DJ, currently residing in the beautiful city of Tampa, infuses her polished DJ talents and fast hand scratches to give a unique yet tasteful flow to her turntable skills. Her hometown in Florida provided majority of the necessary talents essential for BombShell to showcase her pristine DJ skills and added charisma on her mixtape, “The Boogie Down Vol. 1”.
DJ BombShell, also known as First Lady of I95 DJs., highlights her talents as a DJ in majority of the The Boogie Down mixtape, which was released May 22, 2012 on websites datpiff, The ChristJames, and etc. The first mixtape, “The Boogie Down Vol. 1”, captures her skills at its best. Bombshell believes her simple touch and being a positive role model can help empower women all over world to go for their dreams in a male driven industry.
The mixtape “Boogie Down Vol. 1” is full of party songs to help get you in a good mood. It also features a slew of well-known artists such as Rick Ross, The Dream, and Young Dro to name a few and is hosted by hip hop star Plies.
DJ Bombshell inspiration comes from some of her favorite influential DJs such as Funk Master Flex, Spinderella, K- Swift, Diamond Kuts, Rashida, Ezone, Daisy Dukes, Supastar, J. Kwik, Bigga Rankin, Lil Kee, and Mc Lyte. Bombshell’s DJ style is a well-balanced mixture of fast hands, smooth blends and a great music ear. Her captivating DJ style brings a lot of attention to her at the clubs. She spins at club Floyds, Roxys, Legend Sports, and 20/20. Having studied the history of the DJ craft gives her an edge over other emerging new DJ talents.
“The Boogie Down Vol. 1” is currently available on,, and worldwide all over the internet for free promotional use only. For more information on DJ Bombshell new mixtape projects and club where about locations, please add her on Facebook Candace Dj Bombshell Grant and follow her on Twitter @dj_bombshell. For booking information please contact (813)-951-8434, I95, grantcc91(at)gmail(dot)com.

Introducing Candace ‘’DJ BombShell ‘’ Grant, a 21 year old female DJ from Florida. DJ BombShell, also known as, "First Lady of I95‘’grew up in Tampa, FL. BombShell presently resides in Tallahassee,FL and attends F.A.M.U, which is a well-respected university in the United States . DJ BombShell established her musical background with strong roots in playing instruments such as Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion. She had a passion of becoming a DJ from day one, but went for her passion once she stepped foot on F.A.M.U School Campus. She released a classic mixtape ‘’The Boogie Down Vol. 1 ‘’ hosted by Plies which is on the top websites like datpiff, TheChristJames, and etc. to date. DJ BombShell is most influenced by DJs Funk Master Flex , Spinderella, K- Swift , Diamond Kuts, Rahisda , Ezone, Daisy Dukes , Supastar, J. kwik , Bigga Rankin , Lil Kee , and Mc Lyte. BombShell is the only child from a mother with computer and Military background. Being that her mother had a strong Independent Woman persona, BombShell picked up a take charge attitude very quickly and matured her business mindset. Her great DJ skills landed her DJ gigs at Floyds, Roxys, Legend Sports, and 20/20. There are more great things to come from DJ BombShell!
The Boogie Down Vol 1 (Hosted by Plies)
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DJ BombShell- Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Squash Beef ! 


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