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Friday, May 18, 2012

Truth is Truth Vol 2 (Article by A. Evans)

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I think therefore…

I published a picture on my instagram yesterday that read “People only call you “SELFISH” when you don’t do WHAT THEY WANT YOU to do, so what does that make them?” After a few likes and re-tweets I realized that some people understood where I was coming from, the fact that someone else seemed to understand that being selfish sometimes is necessary made me realize that whenever someone (usually a girl) says I’m arrogant, cocky, conceited, or self-absorbed I should take that as a compliment, the very fact that these titles are being thrown in my direction is an indication that (a.)My confidence has in some way, shape, or form affected them and (b.) I’m on the right track according to self.
The truth is people who usually label someone as cocky, conceited, self-absorbed or selfish are doing this in an attempt to “bring you down to earth” or to “keep you grounded” so they say. The funny part is these are the same people who usually go out of their way to say that they’re a positive person a supportive person or an UPLIFTER. If you are quote on quote bringing someone down to earth or keeping them grounded you might as well admit it’s just a weak way of trying to modify a person’s behavior and self-esteem for a “selfish” level of comfort. (Example: You think you’re all of that… what that really means is your confidence makes me feel insecure or the fact you don’t do what I want or behave the way I want bothers me)
Confidence, Selfishness, Cockiness It’s All The Same Thing … Your Opinion
The Hilarity Ensues
Lmao I noticed the same people who tend to have a problem with a “NORMAL” person being self-absorbed confident or egotistical have no problem being supportive of a “SUCCESSFUL” or “FAMOUS PERSON” with the same traits, in fact people usually quote them, re-tweet them and in some cases sing their songs (I GOT A BIG EGO).People like Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few appear to be confident, cocky, and self-absorbed.  At times it may even seem they can say whatever they want and carry themselves however they please and most people support it, better yet idolize it.  Were they not this way before fame and money? What if they would’ve given in to the people who were trying to bring them down to earth or keep them grounded? What if Mark Zuckerberg changed who he was for his ex-girlfriend? What if Kanye wasn’t confident at all or just to the level that people found acceptable?
If you ask the majority of women what’s the most attractive trait in a mate? They will usually respond with confidence, then proceed to define the level of confidence he should have.  Who is to say how much confidence is too much REALLY? I don’t know many a**holes who sleep alone, besides this goes back to comfort level and security, I can’t be myself because it makes YOU uncomfortable yet I’m labeled “SELFISH” or “COCKY” or “SELF ABSORBED” lol.
Limiting someone’s level of confidence is like telling a basketball player to not think they’re the best person on the court, but we sure love the perks of being with a baller don’t we?  I mean isn’t the cocky bravado what made you notice me in the first place. Furthermore If I think so highly of myself and I take the time to talk to you, spend time with you, get to know you, wouldn’t that mean I view you in a positive light? So instead of trying to keep me grounded why don’t you elevate with me.
Let’s say I do decide that I’m too self-absorbed and I change to please someone else, who’s to say they won’t want other aspects of me to change? Next thing you know I become a pushover they become bored move on and look for the next person to try and change. (Challenge Accepted)
Bottom line is no one should stop feeling good about themselves for someone else’s comfort level, it doesn’t mean treat other people bad for your own personal enjoyment, but If my arrogance and my decision to put myself first bothers you maybe that’s your problem…
To sum it up: Confidence, Selfishness & Cockiness stem from a certain outlook
A dope outlook leads to dope thoughts … Dope thoughts lead to dope ideas
Dope ideas lead to dope actions…Dope actions lead to dope results
Dope results lead to a dope livelihood…A dope livelihood leads to dope memories
Dope memories lead to a dope outlook and so on and so forth
I think therefore I am … I’M DOPE AS F**K … DEAL WITH IT


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