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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Knero - 519 EP Coming Soon

Word has gotten around that solo unsigned artist kNERO will be dropping an EP. Anticipation of the date has us on seat edges. As recognized by American Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Q-tip, "kNERO brings execution". The curiosity of the meaning behind the title itself has aroused questions. What exactly is 519? What does that represent? We do know one thing, with all the talk and hype, that better not be the drope date. Some talk of particular features has circulated. A brief disclosure of some expected artists include an undisclosed legenary Wu-Tang member, a newly signed Pitbull artist. 519 is said to also be hosted by a Hot97 DJ Drewski.
This is something you definitley wanna keep a look out for. Stay close, and we'll keep you guys updated with any and all of the latest buzz on kNERO's upcoming EP.


Raised in Brooklyn New York, the new hotbed of Indie Music, Liberian decent kNERO is a multi dimensional music producer and songwriter. An individual with a perpetual passion and gift for music. One of which stands out from any other. His diversity has made quite a visible impact on his production opening many doors to different genres of music, so much so, some have listened to tracks and have not been able to classify him under any one specific genre.
This avid artist has been independently releasing his own music as his credentials are built. He has had the privilege of working with a variety of individuals both known and up and coming.
As kNERO prepares for the next level in his career, he continues with ambition and passion to put together music without being discouraged. Remembering his Liberian roots and holding up to his dream of returning to Liberia after he has reached success to constructively give back. In conjunction to, kNERO has an actual vision; one of which allows him not to follow a trend but to set one. A vision that is preparing him for his future. With patience in one hand and a mic on the other, kNERO is an asset to true music.


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