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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long Settle for $15 Million and an apology to his accusers

A few months ago when we found that flamboyant, flashy-suit-and-toupee wearing pastor Bishop Eddie Long liked to take long trips with young “Longfellows” who called him Daddy, the congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church – where Long gets rich off tithes – held him down.
A few people expressed some doubt in their spiritual leader and/or left the church. But for the most part, when “Bishop,” as they all call him, said he was going to fight the allegations and called his situation “spiritual warfare,” the Flock was convinced that their pastor was in fact innocent of the charges made against him.
Then one accuser turned to “four and maybe more.” Getting ready to prove his innocence in court turned into mediation talks. And finally, Long settled out of court for a reported $15 Million and an apology to his accusers.
Those don’t sound like the actions of an innocent man to us. Or a man of God, for that matter.
Should New Birth continue to support Bishop Long-Stroke? Or is it finally time to ask him for his resignation?


Anonymous said...

He should've gotten jail time as well laws for child predators aren't doin the job! You get more time in jail for selling drugs than you do robbing a child of their innocense! Something is very wrong with that America!

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