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Friday, March 11, 2011

Relationship Letter - I hate his Mother

I love my man but I hate his mom!! I don’t know what to do about it because I feel like I’m losing the battle. I’ve been with my man for about 6 months and I know we’re going to be together forever but his mom is in the way!!! I realize that we haven’t dated long but we have fallen head over hills in love with each other and she just won’t accept that. We are both grown so she should trust our judgment and not be so negative. I know she feels touched behind our age difference because he’s 7 years older than be but like I said we’re both grown and at 28 I feel like I’m mature enough to make my own decisions that are RIGHT FOR ME!!! When he took me to her birthday party he said she was excited to meet me but when we got there she was very cold and standoffish and I could feel her eyes on me from a mile away and from that point on I knew that she didn’t like me. When we left the party I told her that I’d see her soon and she said we’ll see or something like that I took it to heart and told my man how upset it made me. He said that she’s just really protective over him and that she’ll warm up to me but that has yet to happen!!! When he brought her over his place for a bbq we were having she was making faces at me and so I know exactly what to do to get under her skin so I was rubbing his chest and kissing on him in front of her and she almost lost it and left early lol!! After that she said I was no longer welcome at her house and it’s made my man upset. This isn’t the first time a mans’ mother has been unkind to me lol but she needs to stay in her place and stop being jealous of me and her son because she’s not fu*cking him!!! I’m really starting to hate this lady because she’s trying to drive a wedge between us!! How do I get her out of out life??


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a lunatic and he need to run for the hills!! Obviously she has a lot to learn about relationships and six months doesn't give you authority over nothing!! She won't be around long from what it sounds like cause mom dukes always come least in my book and i'm sure most people agree.

Anonymous said...

I love men that treat their mothers good, but not a mama's boy. A man must know when to put his mother in her place. He's too old for his mother to be running his life. If things are like that now, I say leave. You don't want to deal with that BS in the future.

Anonymous said...

There's one rule that I have when you're in a relationship..."I'm not going to let you disrespect my Mom no more will I let her disrespect you!
If that is happening then you dont need him.!

Anonymous said...

this is a huuuge problem and i think 97% of women have problems with their bf's moms or mothers-in-law. I' m suffering too. And he sees it but what to do. We live in Europe and my plan to have a normal life is to move to the US. If it can't stop, I hope the ocean will help. These women are so jealous, Edip's syndrom all the way. My bf's mom can't stand seeing us hold hands, hug.. and it's even worse because his dad lives in another country cuz of his job. So this women is trying to make a "husband" out of her son. He has to do everything for her and her parents who are the same as she is. She lives with them because she is a 46yr old spoiled woman, egocentric, a terrible person. My bf has a much younger brother but brother, 16years old but he's not that interesting to her. She leaves the kid to do everything he wants because, she doesn t care if he's out all night long, drunk which he is lately. The last time it happened she didn t care, but my bf went to sleep at my place and she called him the next day, asking where he was, cuz she was "worried"-she was obviously worried cuz he was with me. She told me frankly that she can't get used to her son having a gf. We were on a vacation together, lying on the beach and she comes to him asking if mummy can put sun-cream on him etc. it 's always like that. Then i was sick, high temperature, but she wanted to go diving and he was like-don't u see she's sick, and she was like-she can stay at the apartment. !!!!! There's a lot more..even worse things but i'm writing what comes to my mind right now..
I'm a college educated girl, very successful, loving to him and everything so she has no reason to think i'm not good for him..i think she's even more jealous cuz she hasn 't done anything in her life, she doesn't know anything, she s only concerned with her appearance which is terrible, always on diets or working out, instead of reading a book..
Btw. there was a report on how books are going to extinct and her comment was-so what, these books are so boring for me..ach..i just CAN'T stand a person like that and God please forgive me but i hate her and if it wouldn't hurt him, i wish she disappeared..i'm all worn out..I only wants us to be happy, have our own family soon,but i know if we stay in the same city, she ll ruin us..i can already see her at the door, at least 3-4 times a week cuz as a pe teacher she works only 4 h a day which means she has all the time she needs to come molesting us

Anonymous said...

So i don't know what to tell you to do..she sounds awful.. if she were normal it wouldn't bother her if her son and his gf are loving to each other, she would be happy to see his that happy..try playing she 's hurting you very much, so instead od "jumping" , start crying everytime she does something like taht, or even when she ' s mentioned..that' s the only way they react normal and see what theri mommy is doing to to their gf's and to THEM

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